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So this blog has gotten a lot broader than where it began. While its still a place where I promote and advertise my fic, its also a place where I fangirl over various awesome WOC- they are mostly black women-, and talk about things that are important to me and other WOC.

Though the tv show Merlin may have disappointed me Queen Guinevere and the actress that played her, Angel Coulby, was awesome to the end and I think both the actress and the character deserve a blog that continues to acknowledge their existence. So this blog will maintain Queen Guinevere's colors and image because she was awesome.

There are some other shows and characters that I fangirl over here. Sleepy Hollow and the fabulous Abbie Mills, her sassy friend and partner Ichabod Crane and the enigmatic Jenny Mills. There is also Scandal and the powerhouse fixer and anti-hero Olivia Pope. And finally the absolutely brilliant Joan Watson. Other awesome WOC appearing here are Martha Jones and Lt. Nyota Uhura.





Read it again:  EVERY.  SINGLE.  REPUBLICAN.  Yes, that includes women. 

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I honestly do not understand how anyone, other than White males, can be members of today’s Republican Party and look at themselves in the mirror each day.

whiteness is one helluva’ drug!



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ya’ll realize the baby choregraphied this dance.









Mike Brown jury gets extension, charges for Ferguson officer may be delayed until January

A St. Louis judge has granted an extension to the grand jury that has been tasked with deciding whether to charge a Ferguson police officer in the fatal shooting of teenager Michael Brown. The jury now has until January 7 to decide on an indictment.

St. Louis County Judge Carolyn Whittington made the decision on Tuesday to extend the deadline, St. Louis County Director Paul Fox, reported CNN. The jury’s regular term was set to expire on Wednesday.

The grand jury is to decide whether to charge Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, a black teenager who was unarmed at the time of the shooting.

#ArrestDarrenWilson, #JusticeforMikeBrown






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I honestly hate this country with a burning passion. How anyone can have pride in such a murderous, imperialist, racist place is beyond my comprehension

❝ Brokers and attorneys were not the only white professionals who preyed upon Chicago’s African Americans. They were also hurt by merchants who sold them overpriced, high-interest items on credit and then garnished their wages when they missed a payment. The obvious common denominator between the contract sale of property and the installment sale of smaller items lay in white professionals’ ability to manipulate African Americans’ desperate need for credit. Both created debt peonage, and both would have to be stopped if Chicago’s burgeoning black population was to have a fair chance to prosper.

For my father, the issue was not simply that merchants charged high prices and outrageous rates of interest on goods that they sold on credit but rather that the law gave them the right to collect the wages of their delinquent customers. In Illinois, creditors were allowed to lay claim to over a quarter of their debtor’s paycheck—a stark contrast to the laws of New York, which allowed only 10 percent of weekly wages to be subject to garnishment. Illinois law also made wage garnishment extraordinarily easy. It permitted the use of “wage assignment” forms—contracts in which the customer promised that if he or she was late with a payment the merchant could go directly to the customer’s boss and collect a portion of his or her wages. No court was necessary. Illinois also allowed retailers to require customers to sign “confession of judgment” forms, which nullified in advance their right to defend themselves in court should their creditors pursue legal action against them.

Of course, an individual was in principle free to choose whether or not to sign a wage assignment or confession of judgment form. In reality, the choice was not so evident. The forms were usually buried within long, complicated installment sale contracts. People believes that they were making some small purchase—a watch, or a ring, or dancing lessons—for a mere “five dollars down.” They rarely realized that by signing these forms, they were putting their wages at risk.

The result was a situation ripe for abuse. By the late 1950s, the actions of “credit racketeers” who stood outside factory gates and combed Chicago’s black and immigrant neighborhoods, selling cheap or worthless items for little money down were well known among advocates of the poor. The credit racketeers’ goal was not to make sales per se but to get signatures on wage assignment forms. Once they had the signatures, unscrupulous merchants could go to their victims’ employers and ask for whatever sum of money they thought they could get away with. The city’s largest employers of unskilled labor noted the results. When the Inland Steel Company’s “garnishment administrator,” Dorothy Lascoe, began to investigate some of the garnishments she was processing, she found merchants who demanded sums of $550 when their customers only owed $250 and creditors who collected wage garnishments for months without ever applying the money they were collecting to the debt they claimed to be owed. As Lascoe explained: “The debtor is not properly protected by the law because, under Illinois law, the merchant does not have to prove to the judge how much a person still owes him.” ❞

- Beryl Satter, Family Properties: How the Struggle Over Race and Real Estate Transformed Chicago and Urban America (via thecurvature)

Guinevere appreciation week
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❝ The establishment of Theresienstadt as a ghetto for privileged categories [groups of German Jews such as veterans and the famous who were temporarily spared certain indignities and horrors during the early years of the Holocaust] was prompted by the great number of such interventions [to save ‘prominent’ German Jews] from all sides. Theresienstadt later became a showplace for visitors from abroad and served to deceive the outside world, but this was not its original raison d’etre. The horrible thinning-out process that regularly occurred in this ‘paradise’… was necessary because there was never enough room to provide for all who were privileged, and we know… that ‘special care was was taken not to deport Jews with connections and important acquaintances in the outside world.’ In other words, the less ‘prominent’ Jews were constantly sacrificed to those who disappearance in the East would create unpleasant inquiries. The ‘acquaintances’ in the outside world’ did not necessarily live outside Germany; according to Himmler, there were ‘eighty million good Germans, each of whom has his decent Jew. It is clear, the others are pigs, but this particular Jew is first rate’ (Himmler). Hitler himself is said to have known three hundred and forty ‘first rate Jews,’ whom he had either altogether assimilated to the status of Germans or granted the privileges of half-Jews…

In Germany today, this notion of ‘prominent’ Jews has not yet been forgotten. While the veterans and other privileged groups are no longer mentioned, the fate of ‘famous’ Jews is still deplored at the expense of all others. There are more than a few people, especially among the cultural elite, who still publicly regret the fact that Germany sent Einstein packing, without realizing that it was a much greater crime to kill little Hans Cohn from around the corner, even though he was no genius.

- Hannah Arendt, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, 1960. Emphasis mine. (via literarysins)


Suspenders day..
I wanted to be a bit more relaxed but still have that touch of suave that I try to maintain. Nonetheless a stroll downtown Brooklyn on such a beautiful windy day and a nice hat to compliment always goes well.

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