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So this blog has gotten a lot broader than where it began. While its still a place where I promote and advertise my fic, its also a place where I fangirl over various awesome WOC- they are mostly black women-, and talk about things that are important to me and other WOC.

Though the tv show Merlin may have disappointed me Queen Guinevere and the actress that played her, Angel Coulby, was awesome to the end and I think both the actress and the character deserve a blog that continues to acknowledge their existence. So this blog will maintain Queen Guinevere's colors and image because she was awesome.

There are some other shows and characters that I fangirl over here. Sleepy Hollow and the fabulous Abbie Mills, her sassy friend and partner Ichabod Crane and the enigmatic Jenny Mills. There is also Scandal and the powerhouse fixer and anti-hero Olivia Pope. And finally the absolutely brilliant Joan Watson. Other awesome WOC appearing here are Martha Jones and Lt. Nyota Uhura.


Klaus is definitely around! Merlin and Bonnie develop a close friendship and Klaus gets a bit jealous and Merlin is very protective of Bonnie.

Meanwhile Rebekah/Morgana are getting to know each other ;)

so should this story be serious or light hearted. Part of me wants to go kinda of series. Like vampires vs. people who happen to have a sword that slays the undead, but IDK….

I’m on the fence about Olivia and Fitz being together, but I don’t care for either of the people they are with presently. Does Fitz need to take care of Mellie? Yes. Does Olivia need to wait for him? No. Does Olivia need to take care of herself? Yes. Does she need Jake to do it? No. 

Does Fitz need to stay married to Mellie to take care of her? No. knowing that his father did something horrifying to her doesn’t mean he can fix her. Even with the truth in front of them that doesn’t mean Mellie can take care of Fitz. In fact given both of their emotional states right now I expect they’d do each other more harm than good. But each and every last single one of these characters is weak when it comes down to it. They are too weak to take care of anyone else, much less themselves.

I don’t think we’re meant to see Olivia’s departure with Jake as a positive. I think that is why they had Jake attack Olivia in the previous episode. All his other behavior could have been attributed to him doing his job. But we he attacked Olivia last weak, he did it because he was angry and he wanted to control her. I think we are meant to see Olivia choosing to leave with Jake as a sign of weakness, neediness and co-dependency.

If little Jerry hadn’t been shot Fitz might have been able to get his shit together. Go to some therapy with Mellie, get to the point where they might have a harmonious divorce, but Fitz is in no state to help anyone, make good decisions or even be president. 



How ancient Africans were the first nerds: Birth of technology traced back 70,000 years to the continent’s southern tip.

Modern human technology began more than 70,000 years ago in South Africa before spreading to communities elsewhere, a new study claims.

It was there that our ancestors made the first bone tools, the first abstract art, the first jewellery and probably the first stone tipped spears and arrows, research shows.

The claims, based on archaeological findings over the past decade, contradict the widely held belief that modern human behaviour originated in Europe about 40,000 years ago.

The first nerds? A reconstruction of a Homo sapiens hunting party from the BBC documentary Planet of the Apeman. New research traces the birth of technology 70,000 years to southern Africa

They chime with findings published just last month which suggested that the development of long-range weapons in Africa was the technological breakthrough which allowed humans to become the dominant species.

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Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2243946/How-ancient-Africans-nerds-Birth-technology-traced-70-000-years-continents-southern-tip.html#ixzz2brOXnjDA
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in other news water is wet. sorry I’m being a jerk. I know its important to prove obvious things like this.


#Scandal I CAN’T


#Scandal Really Jake? Seriously! Was the good good that good?


no but for real

why couldn’t we get the satisfaction of seeing olivia pope ride off into the sunset by her damn self? What’s the purpose of “leaving it all behind” when you taking some of that baggage with you? Jake ass ain’t shit and he never will be shit, he was just as wrapped up in that world as anyone else. Why couldn’t olivia choose her damn self? why she just always gotta be tied to a male and an ain’t shit one at that? Why couldn’t she hop on that plane by her damn self to regain her damn dignity and her life? I just ughhhhhh I’m so frustrated because that would have been SO satisfying to see after all the shit they’ve handed olivia this season. She finally going do something for her. She’s finally leaving and getting to live a life free from all the foolishness. She don’t need neither one of these men who have treated her like a damn pawn in their chess match, like a prize that needs to be won. One who basically used her because his wife rejected him and the other who has harmed her physically more than once. I just ughhhhhhhh


I’m on the fence about Olivia and Fitz, but I agree with all of this. Regardless of what happens with the two of them I loved the thought of Olivia leaving it all behind to get her head right. Then here come Jake tag-along ass. But I keep saying Olivia is not the woman we think she is. Sure she is compotent at her job, but every single whim, every clever or insightful thing that someone says to her pushes her in a new direction and she has been this way since season one. She has no strong moral center, no strong moral core. Olivia is a very weak woman. This is not to insult her, just the truth. That’s why Jake talked his way onto that plane so easily.

Many people are weak in this way, afraid to be by themselves,afrajd to be confronted with themselves and find out what they really are. She was on a good path, but she knew when she really started to look into it she would see something she didn’t like and didn’t know how to fix. Better to take Jake along, be distracted by him, maybe blame him when things aren’t fixed. Or blame a false sense of big heartedness when the reality is she is just using Jake. oh well.


Lmao!!!! Me and my brother @dtcmilli Then and Now reenactment pic (1991&2013) And YES WE KNOW EVERYTHING ISN’T COMPLETELY THE SAME!!!



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this is beautiful.

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